Welcome to our website of structural and forensic engineering.
In the following web pages you will find detailed information about our skills, competences and engineering services that we provide to our clients.

There is also a free DOWNLOAD area, where you can find files that are useful to calculate technical fees, utilities and other tools that an engineer may need throughout his/her career.

The "Studio Tecnico Associato A.F.M. Progetti" engineer office was founded in 2010 by three people (two engineers and a building surveyor) who were enthusiastic about their job. They started working together many years ago, in 2000, the year they first met.
Since 2005, their cooperation and enthusiasm has increased considerably, especially in view of the long reconstruction process which took place after the Umbrian earthquake in 1997. They started cooperating continuously day after day, and their experience and knowledge has increased a great deal since then.

As a consequence, today we are happy to provide our customers with the expertise and knowledge we have acquired so far thanks not only to our excursus studiorum but also to the life-long training process we have been undertaking as a part of our daily routine.

Each of us has his/her particular field of expertise and knowledge, which allows us to work either as a team (for more complex engineering work) or individually. In any case, our clients have a contact person to refer to, so that the service we offer is highly customized and the information flow is clear.

You can find us both in Spoleto (Umbria), and in Ancona (Marche).
St. Ciriaco's Cathedral, Ancona

Ancona, St. Ciriaco's Cathedral [X Century]
Porta S. Matteo, Spoleto
Spoleto, St. Matteo's Arch [XIII Century]